Teaching And Learning Processes And The Complex And Experiential Needs

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“Diving In: An Introduction to Basic Writing” by Mina Shaughnessy In this article, Shaughnessy argues that educators need to start examining their own teaching and learning processes and the complex and contextual needs of their students, instead of focusing on what students can be doing differently. She points out that basic writing students are not behind and need to “catch up” to any particular level, but there must been a more effective means of communication needs to be established between the students and teachers (291). Shaughnessy presents four stages of development as a basic writer instructor and explains how educators move through these stages before becoming competent to teach basic writing. The first stage called “Guarding the Tower” is a tactic of self-preservation where the instructor is like a gate-keeper and denies access to those who seemingly do not belong. In the second stage called “Converting the Natives” the teacher realizes that there are several students who are capable of entering the academic discourse, but becomes aware that things that seem transparent are not that simple to the students. The next stage named “Sounding the Depths” shows the teachers beginning to look for patterns and hypotheses to aid in understanding student errors. The last stage called “Diving In” talks about teaching facing their basic writing students head-on, dealing with their complex needs, and breaking the tradition of thinking there is something wrong with the basic…

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