Teaching And Learning Of Interdisciplinary Curricular Essay

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To ensure graduate teachers are well equipped for the teaching and learning of interdisciplinary curricular in the twenty-first century, we need to make sure they are prepared with the right skills and knowledge. As a soon to be graduate teacher, I have realised that the interdisciplinary approach has become significant and challenging in the modern curriculum. It is a key concept that has been used throughout all levels of education. A lot of discussions have been made about integrative learning, the broader term of interdisciplinary learning, however, in the twentieth century the definition of integration extended (Klein, 2005, p. 8). This curriculum also touches upon the Victorian Curriculum capabilities, as well as the engagement of an inquiry approach to learning.
There are plenty of challenges and opportunities that focus on interdisciplinary education, some of which we have heard before. The term ‘interdisciplinary’ in a broader approach, refers to a “subset of integrative learning that fosters connections among disciplines and interdisciplinary fields” (Macdonald, 2016). This association between interdisciplinary and integrative learning allows students to explore beyond the single discipline area. This view is supported by Jacobs (1989), who defines interdisciplinary curriculum as “a knowledge view and curriculum approach that consciously applied methodology and language from more than one discipline to examine a central theme, issue, problem, topic, or experience”…

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