Teaching And Benefits Of Technology Essay

1478 Words Nov 9th, 2014 null Page
Technology in education is a major advancement that provides a different approach to help professors to facilitate teaching process to students. Technology makes it possible to be creative in presenting information effectively. Faculty now can take advantage of the presentation software and electronic communication in their lectures to create a learning environment that is efficient and effective. Presentation software and electronic communication further breaks down into smaller roots to the visual aid, email, computer conferencing, electronic blackboard, electronic smart board, PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Excel and so forth to provide a wide range of application options that professors can include in the academic courses according to the course’s objectives. Many of these channels are now commonly used in the overall academic curriculum. Increase use in education technology opens different opportunities and teaching environment as Shuell and Farber (p.119) presents in their study about the change in the teaching methods from overhead transparencies to PowerPoint, in class discussion to electronic discussion and emails to facilitate communications between professors and students.
Email is an electronic communication that is widely accepted and used by individuals daily to send and receive messages to anyone for many purposes (Example: to inform, share, interact and so forth). With one click, a sender can send a message to an individual or a group of…

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