Essay on Teaching A Social Studies Lesson

714 Words Nov 1st, 2016 3 Pages
After teaching a lesson it is always important to think of ways to improve the lesson for future reference. After teaching a Social Studies lesson on the regions in the United States I am pleased with the overall outcome, but it clear improvements could be made to strengthen the lesson. Introducing the lesson with a video really helped capture the attention and interest of the students. The video covered material on all five regions and the repetition helped teach students the names and locations of the five regions. The video also allowed for a nice transition to the lesson objective, which was to have students identify the region they would prefer to live in based off the characteristics they learn about. The video allowed for students to reference the characteristics in the regions to support their choice in a location they would move to.
Using stations was a good strategy to cater to the needs of the different learning styles present in the classroom. The stations also allowed students to move around the room, rather than staying in one location for entire lesson. This helped students stay focused and engaged while completing the activities. Choosing to use stations to teach the five regions also allowed for differentiation at each station. By having one station include a matching game and the next involve pulling clues out of a bag, it was clear students were engaged with a new task at each station. While the stations were over all successful, minor adjustments would…

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