Teaching A Resource Room At A High School Essay examples

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Instruction is conducted in a resource room conducted at a high school. The Mathematic class is a small intimate group consisting of the focus learner and two other students served within the resource room during the third block period. On a daily basis, the resource room is utilized for instruction by at least two other Special Education teachers. In addition, a small area of the resource room is used as a storage unit for tennis equipment by one of the other Special Education teachers. He coaches the tennis team.]
 Your role in the focus learner’s instructional program (e.g., teach all academic subjects plus support a behavioral plan; pull out of general education classroom for supplementary instruction in reading; part of an instructional team; coordinate services to the family and model working with the focus learner)
[This is my first semester teaching the focus learner, in addition to being my first semester teaching in a resource room setting. As a Special Education teacher and graduate student, I teach direct instruction in Mathematics to a small group of three students that includes the focus, another male, and a female. Each of the students served, including the focus learner, has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). The focus learner receives lots of one-on-one instruction, as necessary. I am teaching the focus learner in the resource room in Mathematics during the third block period, which is scheduled to last 90 minutes. (One of the other students was absent…

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