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What Type of Learners Am I?
Each Person has different learning style; maybe the other is based on visual, auditory or reflective. But its not only 3 learning style there are 12 learning style that can develop their own skills. One of the learning styles is the Tactile Learning; Tactile or kinesthetic learners are those who learn through experiencing/doing things. Tactile Learners like to experience the world and act out events. For this reason, tactile learners may become bored more quickly than other students while listening to a class lecture. I prefer myself as tactile learner because some of the characteristics of this learner like me. I can’t study if my environment is very quiet and silent and I feel bored if my teacher only
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VERBAL LEARNER I. Characteristic of Verbal Learner * Verbal learner involves reading and writing. * Good-listening skills and they used language in new ways * Excellent recollection of verbal information. II. Language Focus: Subject – Noun Topic – Different kind of Noun III. Activity: Writing: Students need to write a letter that describes their family background. Reading: The classes will read a story about fantasy and they will describe the character, place, and name of person that involve in the story.
SENSING LEARNER I. Characteristics of Sensing Learner * Sensing learner is focused on aspects of the Physical environment. * Realistic and Reasonable * Utilize experience and common sense to solve problems. II. Language Focus:
Subject –
Topic – III. Activity:
The students will be having their activity. The reason why the activity was held outside of the classroom or in the open field because they need to used materials that they will see in the area of the activity, this will allow them to use their imagination and creativity.
TACTILE LEARNER I. Characteristic of Tactile learner * Tactile Learner is those who learn through experiencing or doing things. * They are good in sports and study with loud music * Likes adventures. II. Language Focus:
Subject – Verb
Topic –

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