Teachers: Unsung Heroes of the World Essay

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This reflection paper is dedicated to the unsung heroes of the world—TEACHERS;

To all morally upright and just individuals whose sense of integrity and humility are rooted deeply within them;

To Mr. Books who never fails to inspire me with his words and wisdom;

To my parents and my mentor, EXPERIENCE, for making me understand at an early age the essentialities of life here on earth;

And to my Creator, You are beyond the superlative degree of adjective. You are the Minerva and the hair of Samson in my life. You have always been there leading me along the path that I have chosen!

I salute you all!

- K.A.P.C.

* * *
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As for Einstein, he’s a genius. Yet there is a fine line between genius and insanity. Had he only made use of his common sense, world leaders of today will stop accusing each other on issues about the use of nuclear weapons. Einstein’s actions were enough proofs that, even to genius, common sense is not very common. Thus, our first myth is: Not everything that glitters is gold.1 Even other metals or “rusty” metals can reflect light and can have shiny appearance if furnished well. What and whom am I talking about? Find it out The Story of Teddy Stoddard.

When I heard the news of Osama Bin Laden’s death, I did not believe it in an instant. What if it were a mere propaganda of Obama’s administration? What if Bin Laden’s look-alike were the one who got killed? Or did he really have a look-alike? From the book that I find no time to finish reading, entitled The Road Less Traveled, Scott Peck discussed what he termed as scientific tunnel vision—that is, according to him, “patients [people] are able to see only a very narrow area directly in front of them. They cannot see anything to the left or to the right, above or below their narrow focus.” I would strongly agree that, too often, a lot of people in this world, including I, have this kind of vision. We find it too difficult to look beyond the surface of things. Our perception of the

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