Essay on Teachers Should Practice Maintaining Positive Behaviors

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Teachers should practice maintaining positive behaviours in all situations. Educators must develop a positive, respectful working relationship, attain standards of professional and ethical conduct in relation to children, parents, and teachers, and promote conditions for success for students with special needs. It is teacher’s responsibility to monitor, evaluate, and report student progress in learning areas; implement different strategies to meet the diverse needs of all students, plan and organize for instruction, classroom organization, monitor students progress and potential, and professionalism. Students learn to independently take responsibility for managing their own behaviours. They consistently complete tasks such as submitting class work, assignments on time. In order to be relied upon, teachers need to maintain positive, supportive, professional relationships within the education community. Teachers’ personalities have a great impact on students learning. They must maintain confidential trust and respect, flexible, spontaneous, treat students equally and fairly, and maintain a professional manner at all times. My experience with young children helped me to learn how to connect with children and cultivate their cognitive growth and development. I was able to improve my organizational skills, compassion, passion for learning, and positive attitude through my experiences. Since children have great observation skills, I had to act as a role model of appropriate…

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