Teachers Should Have The Right For Talk About Their Students Essay

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Teachers should have the right to talk about their students

When people have a rough day, and they just want to express their feelings. There are many ways for people to express their feelings, they express through words or action. But out of the two, words are the best way to express peoples ' feelings, because the other way might end up hurting someone or themselves. When I said the words the best way to express the feeling I’m not talking about cursing or yelling, I’m talking about talking it out. But there is many of talking it out as well. People can talk it out thru media, share with friends or family. Every day, there is always someone in are talking about their jobs through the media or to their family or friends, after having a rough day at work. Because that’s the best way to express their feeling without getting in trouble or losing their jobs. But there are also someone that cannot talk about their jobs, because of the high position job that they have and it would get them in trouble. In American, there is a law called Freedom of Speech, which mean people in the America have the right to speak their mind or express their feeling in some condition without getting in trouble. But how would we know that teacherss would get in trouble for talking about how bad their students are, which is true most likely.

There is an article which talked about Natalie Munroe, a high school teacher from Pennsylvania who wrote an anonymous blog about her jobs, and got suspended…

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