Teachers ' Professional Identity And Creativity Essay

762 Words Nov 6th, 2015 4 Pages
Do teachers’ professional identity and creativity have anything to do with each other? Yes, when teachers are confident in their professional identity they are more likely to create a creativity classroom. Now days, the educational system are resistant to change and do not see the need for creativity in the classroom. Consequently, schools can be uncomfortable places for creativity (Davis 2013). In order to make schools more comfortable with creativity, teachers need a higher-level of professionalism to incorporate creativity into their classrooms. This case study by Davis, which was conducted in elementary schools in England, discovers what happens to teachers’ practice and professional identity when they adopt a collaborative action approach to teaching and involve outside creative partners and administration mentor. When teachers are creative with their work and curriculum development, it enhances their professionalism and identity allowing them to empower not only themselves, but their students as well. Once teachers have a self-concept on identity professional, they can incorporate creativity into the classrooms and their professional identity. England has started projects that strive to establish learning environment in classrooms that encourage the creative growth of individual students and staff in order for them to achieve their potential (Davis 2013). Learners are capable of taking the lead and do not always need to be controlled. Therefore, teachers’ role in…

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