Teachers Play A Key Role For The Emotional, Cognitive And Social Development Of Children

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Passing knowledge is only one of the many things that teachers do everyday. They also play an important role to the emotional, cognitive and social development of children. Unfortunately, many children may experience some short of violence in their every day lives such as in their homes or neighborhoods or even during school hours. Teachers can provide them with different ways to overcome any behaviors that will result in violence such as learning about empathy, learning how to dissolve situations in a peaceful ways and how to use non- violent behavior. While teachers play a key role in stopping violence in schools, they cannot accomplish it all by themselves. Since violence is a complicated and multifaceted topic, it requires all the members of the school community to get involved. Besides the teachers, parents, students, community leaders and social workers have to work in conjunction with each other in order to have effective results. As a teacher, one of the most important tactics that you can use is to remain vigilant and on your toes every single day. Observing your students everyday is a good indicator to detect any kind of change that occurs in your students’ personal lives. If something happens don’t be afraid to confront the problem by trying talking to the affected student in a private manner. Explain that you are there to help as much as you can and everything that they mention to you will stay between you two. Also, let them know that certain situations may…

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