Teachers Can Use Functional Grammar Techniques When Preparing Lessons For Their Esl Learners

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There are many ways in which teachers can use Functional Grammar techniques when preparing lessons for their ESL learners. To help their ESL students identify key ideas and details in a linguistically complex text, teachers can first do their own analysis of the text. This will enable them to identify parts of the text that may be linguistically challenging for their students. They can begin by analyzing the dialogue of the text, pinpointing areas in which they may need to provide additional background information related to people, places, concepts or routines that may not be familiar to someone with a different cultural background. Next, the teacher may look for words or phrases that may cause confusion to their ESL students and make note of the fact that they will need to explain or elaborate on those terms and concepts when teaching the text. Finally, the teacher may examine the overall organization of the text, specifically the author’s chosen means of communication, making note of the author’s linguistic choices such as connectors and transitions, so that she can point those out to her students. After analyzing the course readings themselves, teachers can begin the process of language-focused instruction by guiding their students through close reading. Close reading is the process of reading a text purposefully in order to analyze the various aspects of language and its intended effect on a text’s structure. After the initial close reading, students can analyze the…

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