Teachers ' Attitudes About Parent Involvement Essay

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This section summarizes the results of the survey of teachers at this school about their ideas and practices of parent involvement or school and family partnerships. In this school, 40 teachers were given questionnaires, and 21 teachers returned the survey for a rate of response of 52.5%.
Question 1. Teachers ' attitudes about parent involvement. Teachers were asked whether parent involvement is important for a good education, increasing teacher effectiveness, and student success. Teachers agree 100% on these issues. Moreover, teachers gave their opinions about whether they: do not have time to involve parents (100% agree), need in-service training to involve parents (23% strongly agree), involving parents is a responsibility of teachers (100% disagree), parent involvement is not necessary in school (100% strongly disagree). Teachers strongly agree in proportion of 67.66% about students being important members of school and family partnerships and they find teaching a culturally diverse students group rewarding in proportion of 100%.
Regarding teachers’ ideas on whether: all parents could learn ways to assist their children if shown how to help (47.61% strongly agree) and parents at this school want to be more involved than they are now (61.90% strongly disagree).
Teachers reported whether the community supports this school (80.95% agree) and they judged whether this school is "one of the best" for teachers, students, and parents (100% agree).
Question 2. What practices of…

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