Teacher 's Philosophy Of Technology Essay

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Teacher’s philosophy of technology use in education depends on many factors. It is influenced by educator’s age; by positive and negative experiences in prior technology use; by fear of unknown information; or it could be even dictated by the school. It differentiates from one generation of teachers to the next. At age of 36 I have managed to develop fear of failing to keep up with the speed of the technology progress, but in the same time I try to remain open to the idea of being educated in technology field and of using this knowledge in the classroom. The demand to supplement traditional teaching style with technology can be explained by shift to student centered education (G.B.Brooks and M.B.Brooks, 1999). It is obvious that successful future classroom will include the use of technology.
• To what extent, and how often, will technology be used in your classroom?
It seems that daily use of technology in the classroom is not an option, but a necessity. These are just few reasons why technology will be used:
- Communication. Technology keeps communication with parents, administration and coworkers professional and time sufficient.
- Knowledge and experience. Technology does what reality cannot provide, example here would be a virtual tour to the Egypt Pyramids, which would be impossible to do on the short notice.
- Enhancement of the learning process. Technology makes learning process dynamic and interesting.
- Student help. Technology helps student with studying on…

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