Essay on Teacher as Reflective Practitioner and Researcher

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Teaching profession can be exciting and rewarding, but also very challenging. Teachers-to-be study hard and learn a lot about the ‘basics’ of teaching – curriculum, assessment and pedagogy. The courses include theories about and models of growth and development, teaching and learning, motivation, behavior and pedagogy. Those theories are important because the reality is that children grow up differently and learn in different ways. That is part of the wonder and challenge of teaching. To cope with the challenge, theories and models provide the basic ingredients for the development of a personal philosophy of learning and teaching. The
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, 2003). At the same time, successful and reflective classroom management sets the setting for finest teaching and student learning experiences to take place. Effective teaching and classroom management are interdependent and should be integrated in accordance with the ecological perspective.
The third need for continuing and thorough reflection in developing professionalism is teacher reflection and research can help bridge the gap between current and evidence-based best practice. Despite the efforts of employing authorities and higher education institutions to provide professional development for teachers, many researchers and practitioners despair of the continuing gap between ‘what is’ and ‘what could be’ in many areas of education (Vaughn, Klingner & Hughes, 2000). The development of teacher-initiated action research, especially in areas such as classroom management that permeates daily practice, is an ideal means of achieving closer links between scientific investigation and everyday classroom practice. In fact, all teachers should ‘seek to analyse and understand the educational practices in order to improve them’ (Groundwater-Smith, 2001).

Everybody is different. No two students, no two lessons, indeed teachers, classes, schools or school communities are the same. Teaching is a dynamic profession in which professional

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