Teacher New Teachers Hope For A One Day By Ron Clark Essay

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The Ron Clark is the type of teacher new teachers hope to become one day. His story gives great examples of ways to make sure that no students is overlooked or left behind. He goes above and beyond what most people see as a teacher’s job. He did not work 8-4 and walk away. He spent time actively working to find techniques to engage his students in ways that would make learning fun for them. He also spent time outside of class working with them on their studies. Students don’t always learn things on the first try and being able to find a different way to present the information is imperative if students are going to succeed.
The movie is set in Harlem, New York. This area is not affluent and there is a large amount of crime. The students are a diverse mixture of cultures and races. It stands in direct contrast to the area and life that Ron Clark came from before moving to New York. He doesn’t show prejudice but he is faced with it from his students that feel he cannot relate to their lives. This is a situation that any teacher can face with a student. Teachers need to find ways to connect with students of all backgrounds. The school uses a leveling system to put students into classes. There is no mixing of high learners with low learners. The main problem with this system is that the students know they are the low learners. They use this classification to justify not doing school work and achieving any academic success. The administration, teachers, and…

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