Teacher Liberation Handbook Analysis

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You, Joel Hammon, are writing a book which may or may not be called, "Teacher Liberation Handbook ." You are hiring a professional editor to edit your draft which costs fifty dollars per hour. You are also asking for feedback on your drafts and ideas. You want moral support and encouragement. And, you want interviews with teachers. This is your absolute first time writing a book.
I have been writing fairly frequently since I was ten years of age. My first project was a spin-off of the Fairly Odd Parents television cartoon which aired on the Nickelodeon channel and is re-running currently on the same channel and the Teen Nick channel. Although, I admit, it was not the best piece of work, I have gotten much better over the past five years. Because
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The professional editor may also have good advice and feedback on your work that can benefit you. I also recommend that you have the professional editor go through your draft more than once, meaning that you should go through the edited work, fix it to your liking, and send it back to the professional editor to read, edit, and give feedback on your more complete draft. This should be done repeatedly until you are satisfied with the book, but this does not mean you are done with your book. A writer advised me that when I finish a draft of any form of writing, to put that writing aside for a fairly long period of time ; then, when I go back to re-read my writing, I should go and edit it thoroughly. This will most likely kill some of your darlings – People call their favourite parts of their works, ones that they do not ever want to leave out, darlings – or make them even better. Another beneficial thing to do, that I also recommend, is having trusted people who are knowledgeable about American English grammar and spelling, knowledgeable about what you are going to write about, and/or have their own writing style (whether it’s developed or not). You should also read a lot of books, articles, essays, etc. similar to what your book is …show more content…
I have been writing fairly frequently since I was ten years old, meaning I have been picking up new useful habits and dropping bad habits. Since then, I have also worked on many writing projects, learned a lot of English grammar (both American and British), and developed a few writing styles of my own. I understand that you are writing a book for the first time, you have some experience with writing, and you probably haven’t done much serious writing since you were teaching at a school, or maybe even since college. Knowing this, I will try to help you the best I can. I am able to help you considerably with this book of yours, Joel

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