Teacher Knowledge And Teacher Beliefs Essay

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educationally-based or research-based principles, and principles derived from an instructional approach or method.
Thus far this section has briefly reviewed research on teacher knowledge and teacher beliefs. It is considered in my research that these bodies of research have fundamentally contributed to the establishment of the professional aspects of teacher identity. The reviewed literatures provide me with a theoretical foundation of teacher knowledge and the impact of previous experience and teacher education programs on the development of teachers’ professional beliefs. The following section will take into the concept of teacher identity, which is drawn from the reviewed literature on teachers’ knowledge and belief, as well as teachers’ professional development and reflective practice in education studies. Prior to the discussion of teacher identities, it is necessary to stress that the body of identity research in education has been much influenced by the conceptualisation and exploration of identity formation in other disciplines such as psychology, sociology, social anthropology and social psychology.
9.3.2. Teacher professional identities
The majority of researchers have explored teacher identity specifically from the professional aspects, such as teachers’ professional identity and teachers’ perceptions of their professional roles in the classroom. It has been argued that there are close relationships among professional identity, classroom practice, teacher…

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