Essay on Teacher Discrimination Is Not Rigorous

735 Words Nov 3rd, 2016 3 Pages
Previous and current research confirms that students are still subjects of teacher discrimination on a variety of grounds. However, research into teacher discrimination is not rigorous. Part of this lack of rigor might originate from the interdisciplinary nature of the concept and phenomenon of discrimination in that discussions concerned with discrimination often fall within areas as diverse as critical discourse analysis, critical applied linguistics, power relations, and identity (re)construction. Therefore, such discussions might not be directly related to education. Further, as each of these areas enjoys its own principles and tenets, it seems essential to borrow findings of research from the areas mentioned above in order to examine discrimination. For instance, Despagne (2013) investigated indigenous and minority students’ perceptions of identity, unequal power relationships and autonomous learning in a Mexican university. Informed by critical applied linguistics and post-colonial theories, Despagne’s study revealed the sense of fear and inferiority that these minority students experienced as well as the lack of recognition of their local knowledges and languages. Despagne’s conclusion and recommendation is that students’ multi-cultural and multi-lingual values are to be recognized and appreciated within the classroom setting. A few decades earlier, Marks and Heffernan-Cabrera (1977) predicted that majority group teachers discriminated against minority group students.…

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