Essay on Teacher Cognition And Language Education Research

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Literature Review

Teacher Cognition

Teacher’s beliefs are often studies under the broader heading of teacher cognition, which also involves related concepts such as attitude and knowledge. However, in this literature review, key components of this section are the study of teachers the development of teacher cognition and language education research, definitions of teacher cognition, the relationship between teacher cognition and behaviour, appraisal of data collection methods in teacher cognition research, and the selected studies on teacher cognition about EMI in university contexts. I end the section with discussion of recent selected studies and their limitations in order to highlight the research spaces occurring today.

1. The development of teacher cognition and language education research

This section is about the development of teacher cognition and language education research. The key elements in this section include teacher cognition on and educational research, teacher cognition in language teaching and empirical research on teacher cognition.

Teacher cognition and educational research on teachers’ beliefs and practices have been considered of great significance for teaching and learning. Teacher cognition assisted researchers in understanding the specific ways teachers think, know, believe, and do in a wide variety of classroom contexts. However, attention to research on teacher’s beliefs without practices concerned some educators and researchers because…

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