Essay on Tda 2.5: Schools as Organisations

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1.1. Identify the main types of state and independent schools.

• Primary schools
• Secondary schools
• Academies
• Nurseries
• Colleges
• Grammar schools
• Free schools
• Faith schools
• Foundation schools
• Private schools
• Private nurseries
• Special needs schools

1.2 Describe the characteristics of the different types of schools in relation to educational stage(s) and school governance.
Primary schools - Funded by the Government and cover key stages 1 & 2.
Secondary schools - Funded by the Government and cover key stages 3 & 4. Academies - State maintained but independently run and cover
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Specialist teachers of visually impaired children give support and advise the early education setting to:

• assess the functional vision of the child with a visual impairment
• enable the setting to meet the needs of the individual child
• liaise together with other processionals and where possible undertake joint assessment and joint working
• contribute to the Individual Education Plan
• offer individual teaching sessions where appropriate
• provide advice for statutory assessments of special educational need
• provide in-service training for staff

Hearing Impairment Team
This is a team of teachers specially qualified in hearing impairment and is part of the Special Needs Teaching Service. The team supports children from birth to sixteen years who have a significant permanent or long term fluctuating, hearing loss.

The specialist teachers of hearing-impaired children provide:
• advice and support to enable the setting/school to meet the individual needs of the child with hearing impairment
• liaison with other professionals regarding children with hearing loss and other complex needs
• individual teaching sessions where that is appropriate
• in-service training for staff
• contributions to Individual Education Plans

Speech and Language Therapy Service
Speech and language therapists work for the health service and specialise in facilitating all areas of speech and

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