Essay on Tda 2.1

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TDA 2.1
A child’s development are all interconnected. Different aspects of development can affect one another.
Development is holistic, which means one area of development interlinks with another. If a a child's speech is not as developed as its peers due to a physical disability they will not be able to communicate effectively with other children or adults. This could affect their emotional development as they may feel their opinion and needs are not being met due to their failure to communicate.
Their Social development may be affected if they have a Physical disability e.g. cerebral palsy, a long term injury, a chronic illness, malnutrition or spinabifider as this may mean that they can not go out and play and struggle to
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Parents who work long hours may not be around for their children to. A Child whose parents lives with parents with mental health problems i.e. depression may suffer as their parent may not have the correct support to deal with their illness and in some cases the older children may take the role as a parent and has to grow up and mature before their time. A child’s education may suffer as the parent may not allow the child to attend school or they may have to stay at home to look after siblings.
Poverty and Social Disadvantage – Growing up in poverty is the UK greatest threat to development. It can affect every area of development. If a parent is living in poverty :-they may not have enough money for food or personal hygiene equipment i.e. tooth paste, cleaning products. This will cause a child physical development to suffer as they may end up malnourished or may have poor personal hygiene so as well as this affecting physical development it will also affect their social development, If a child has poor personal hygiene this may cause them to be bullied and loose friends so this also affect their emotional development as their confidence and self esteem will drop. If a child is living in poverty that child may go with out clothing or toys again this will affect social and emotional development.
A child living in poverty are more likely to live in houses that do not have substantial living space

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