Taylor Swift 's Journey For Fearless Essay

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Taylor Swift’s Journey to Fearless
For my extra credit opportunity I watched the documentary Taylor Swift’s Journey to Fearless. I am going to summarize what the film is about, how popstar Taylor Swift was changed and developed since the film was released, and critique the producers of the documentary. Taylor Swift’s Journey to Fearless was released in 2010 by Hasbro Studios. By the time the movie was released, Swift had just finished her world tour Fearless. The tour was filled with countless special effects, skilled dancers, and many top singles performed by Taylor Swift. The documentary, Taylor Swift’s Journey to Fearless, begins by describing how Swift first got into the music industry. It then illustrates how her tour was started, and continues to detail the ins-and-outs of Taylor Swift’s Fearless Tour. At the beginning, the documentary shows Swift performing when she was a little girl. Later, it displays the hard work, long days, and preparation Taylor Swift and her team took in order to accomplish the world tour. At the end, the documentary finishes by showing Swift’s last performance during her Fearless Tour in 2010. While revealing how Swift got to where she was in 2010, Journey to Fearless starts off by informing us on how she initially moved to Nashville, signed with a record label, and was able to release songs she had written in high school. In hopes of pursuing of her dreams, Swift begged her mom to take her to Nashville, Tennessee. After many visits to…

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