Taylor Swift: Self-Actualization Of Maslow's Hierarchy Of Actuality

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There are those that argue that Taylor Swift has successfully reached self-actualization. This argument was made strong by her already completing her fundamental needs, currently achieving her psychological needs and taking the right steps on finalizing her self-actualization needs. Taylor Swift was born on December 13, 1989 in Reading Pennsylvania. Her full name is Taylor Alison Swift and is surrounded by her immediate family, consisting of her loving father and mother, Scott and Andrea, and one younger brother named Austin. She has been writing, playing, and singing music since the age four, she can now play several different instruments and has also featured and stared in television movies and shows. Taylor Swift has experienced loss and breakups, but they have nonetheless made her stronger. She is a self-actualized person and you can confirm this by her altruistic, outgoing personality and her goals of success in all that she participates in.

According to Maslow 's Hierarchy of Needs being a self-actualized person means the individual has fulfilled both their fundamental and psychological needs. Fundamental needs are
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Taylor has many fans that give her uplifts and compliments, these fans support her no matter what and are the main reason she is so popular and known. Along with fans comes critics and people who will do anything to interfere with her success. These people are an important and crucial part of being a self-actualized person. Taylor like every other celebrity and even modern people are faced with hate, but it is important to not be affected by people who only want to drag you down. This relates to self-actualization in the way that it is important to not let others affect how a person sees themselves, instead be themselves based on their opinion and

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