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Taylor Swift started as a singer at the young age of eleven. The Christmas she received her first acoustic guitar, and it officially started her singing career. Her first well known single “Tim McGraw” was highly favored on the country music charts. She has now switched to a more edgy look and sound with pop music. She has been successful as a country singer and pop singer winning numerous awards for her music. Also, she continues to be a role model for young ladies around the world. Taylor continues to have a heart of gold, she gives enormous amounts of money to children charities every year. Although, Taylor Swift shows similarities while as a country star and pop star. There are just as many differences regarding her music videos and personal …show more content…
The videos and songs were mostly about teenage drama including boys. Almost all of her videos revolved around a certain guy that she wanted to date, wanted to date again, or wanted his life to be total chaos. As a result of the relationship drama her videos were bleak and drab. There were not many bright colors, and most colors in these videos were basic or pastel. In these videos, Taylor wore long flowing dresses fit for a princess or she was in cowboy boots and a sundress. Many of her country songs had a slow beat, and very seldom would the tempo be fast. In Taylor's country music videos, her acoustic guitar would be played or it was used as an accessory. Then all of these things slowly started changing as Taylor merged into a pop …show more content…
Her clothes have gotten short, and show more skin than before. She has cut her hair into a more modern bob with bangs, and at times has dyed her hair red and black. Her dresses now have slits in the front, and she tends to wear black at most events. Taylor now wears more makeup, and at times she elaborate eye makeup. Taylor always has on her own line of red lipstick. As a pop singer Taylor gives off the impression, that she does not really care what others think and she is dressing for herself. Though her style may be different, she is still a kind warmhearted girl with

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