Taylor Swift Journey To Fearless Analysis

Taylor Swift’s Journey to Fearless
For my extra credit opportunity I watched the documentary Taylor Swift’s Journey to Fearless. I am going to summarize what the film is about, how popstar Taylor Swift was changed and developed since the film was released, and critique the producers of the documentary. Taylor Swift’s Journey to Fearless was released in 2010 by Hasbro Studios. By the time the movie was released, Swift had just finished her world tour Fearless. The tour was filled with countless special effects, skilled dancers, and many top singles performed by Taylor Swift. The documentary, Taylor Swift’s Journey to Fearless, begins by describing how Swift first got into the music industry. It then illustrates how her tour was started, and
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Six years later, and Swift’s fame has increasingly skyrocketed since her Fearless Tour. Swift’s third album, Speak Now won Favorite Country Album in 2011. Her fourth album, Red (2012) was nominated for the Juno Award, and Grammy Award for Album of the Year. In 2014, Swift’s pop-focused album 1989 won three Grammy Awards. As well as this, Swift has won many more awards and nominations for her incredible work. Since 2012, it is evident that Swift’s music has greatly shifted from country music to pop music. An article called “The Case that Taylor Swift No Longer Wants to be Country” details why this is might be the case. The article discusses the significance of Swift not really participating in the ACMs in 2013. This is interesting because Swift was considered the most-popular artist in all of music during this time. To add to the irony, Swift had taken home Entertainer of the Year for the past two years at the ACMs. The article then discusses the success of Swift’s new “pop” songs. It seemed as though each album she released was becoming more and more like pop music rather than country. In fact, within some of Swift’s latest albums, her biggest hit singles were all pop instead country music. Within another article called, “The problem with Taylor Swift’s new song: it’s perfect” the writer details the fact that one of Swift’s new singles, “Shake it Off” is Swift making it clear that country is the old …show more content…
According to the Hasbro Studio website, Hasbro Studio is an entertainment production division of Hasbro, Inc. The website states, “Hasbro Studios ' mission and vision is to develop and produce high impact, branded content based on the tremendous portfolio of Hasbro brands by partnering with the best and the brightest creative stewards in the industry.” Hasbro Studio focuses on recreating stories and characters so that people can emotionally connect. Hasbro Studio produced Taylor Swift’s Journey to Fearless with Big Machine Shout! Factory in 2010. Hasbro Studio primary focus has been works such as The Littlest Pet shop and My Little Pony. Hasbro Studios have also produced GI Joe: Renegades, multiple Transformers movies, The Adventure of Chuck and Friends, Pound Puppies, Kaijudo, Blazing Team, and many more. Hasbro Studios was able to make Taylor Swift’s Fearless Tour come to life. Hasbro Studios also specializes in the area of creativity. Despite the fact that the studio is used to creating animation movies, they did an outstanding job in making their audience feel like they attended the Fearless concert. As well as this, they even went as far as making the audience feel like they experienced the behind the scenes features, and making them feel like they connected to Taylor Swift on a personal level. Hasbro Studios did a great job with giving their watchers so much insight into Taylor Swift’s childhood, and early adulthood

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