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Cancerous cells take advantage of existing cell structures such as microtubules, to divide and multiply. Microtubules aid the cells in dividing and creating a similar cell. Potent anti-microtubule agents work by blocking the microtubules from performing their usual functions. When this happens, the cells are incapable of dividing and creating similar cells, and ultimately die. These anti-microtubule agents can’t differentiate between normal cells and the cancerous cells, and act on normal cells as well. This is the main cause of side effects during chemotherapy with cancer drugs.
Taxotere (Docetaxel) as an anti-microtubule
Taxotere which goes by the generic name docetaxel is an example of an anti-microtubule cancer inhibiting drug. It is also
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Side effects associated with Docetaxel Taxotere
Side effects vary from being common to ones that have been observed in rare cases. Some of the side effects associated with paclitaxel Taxotere or Taxotere generic variants are listed below:
Common side effects include:
• Aneamia: Intake of Docetaxel Taxotere and other generic Taxotere variants can reduce the red blood cells. This can cause you to feel very tired, and breathless. This is because red blood cells transfer oxygen to all parts of the body.
• Reduced white blood cells: white blood cells help the body fight against diseases and sicknesses. When this is low, the risk of infections is very high. It is advised to stay clear of people that are sick while taking Taxotere or any Taxotere generic variants.
• Feeling sick: at the onset of the chemotherapy treatment, feeling sick is mostly inevitable. However, doctors prescribe anti-emetic drugs to help control sicknesses.
Other common side effects also include: mouth sores, hair loss, nail changes and so many

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