Tax Rates Should Be Legal Essay

1437 Words Nov 18th, 2015 null Page
Taxes have always been a controversial issue in the United States, debating on whether or not the wealthy should pay a higher rate or the same rate as usual to lower income citizens. The government collects taxes for government spending on multiple goods and services. Without taxes, citizens would not be able to enjoy the benefits they do now. Most of the spending comes from taxes, therefore it is necessary that citizens pay and keep up with them. The problem with the distribution of taxes is whether tax rates should be the same for all income group thresholds. Although both the authors emphasize their own reasoning as to whether taxing the wealthy is beneficial to society, the author’s, who is for the wealthy being taxed based on their income, organization methods makes his argument stronger. Even though the authors, Lakoff and Will, have different viewpoints on which form of taxing is best suitable to society, both of their persuasion techniques include the logos appeal. Lakoff, in favor of progressive taxation- as one’s income increases, one’s tax increases as well- proposes that that system is fair. According to his article, “The Wealthy Should Pay Taxes at a Higher Rate,” people who are supporters of progressive taxation, Democrats, believe that there would be equality between the people, especially for the poor because they assume that the wealthy can afford to pay taxes. Although every status, income group has their own tax payments, Lakoff strongly notes that…

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