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Tata Group
Vishal Patel
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Organizational Behaviour
MBA 530
Craig S. Cleveland
December 17, 2010

Tata Group Tata group of companies, it is said that there is Tata in every Indian’s life directly or indirectly. Tata group of companies is India’s largest conglomerate. Tata group is made up of 90 operating companies in seven different industries which makes it India’s largest conglomerate. Tata group was founded by Jamsetji Tata in 1868. The founder of the Tata group was a visionary who was a traveler and loved travelling around the world. Jamsetji Tata was born in a small town of Navsari in Gujarat India. In his early working life, he worked with his dad in his banking firm. He wanted to start a new
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Provident fund was made compulsory by the Indian government for every company after 1952. Tata group in their process of employee satisfaction has constructed cities. Jamshedpur is very good example of the fastest growing and developing city in the country, is founded by the Tata group, to provide housing facility for the workers working in countries first steel plants, and it is named after the founder of Tata group Jamsetji Tata. With the death, of Sir Dorab Tata In 1932 Tata group lost its one of the great leaders. Sir Nowroji Tata became the chairmen of the group. By this time, Tata Group was in many business and industries. However, Sir Nowroji Tata died in 1038, and the responsibility of the company was on young 34 year old JDR Tata. JDR Tata came with new ideas, to further expanded the company. JRD Tata was the first in the country to get a commercial pilot’s license. He was the one who took the Indian in to the aviation age the first commercial aviation company was established by JDR Tata. The Tata Airlines was the first airlines of India which is still the largest airlines in the country. However, the Tata airlines was nationalized and is now known as Indian Airlines after the government of India took over the

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