Task Switching Of A High School Student Essay

1649 Words Dec 7th, 2015 null Page
Task Switching A high school student is laying on his bed, finishing homework due the next day. A radio plays in the background to fill the void of silence. His phone vibrates, it 's a text from his mother. He replies quickly to keep her happy. The student looks back at the textbook and works on the homework. Suddenly, his favorite song plays over the radio. He closed his eyes and purely listened to the song. Over with, he is back to completing the homework. This process of switching between actions, typically 3-5, is known as multitasking. Considered to be faster, people multitask many different task. From simple actions like organizing emails and checking Facebook to complex actions like solving mathematical equations and writing an essay, people complete them simultaneously. But is it faster? Is it faster to switch between actions or to tackle one task at a time. In the end, the same amount of work is completed, so which is faster? Everyone has their own opinion on the matter. Personally, I agree with cold, hard facts and tackling one task at a time is the most efficient way to handle multiple tasks. Take a gander at an experiment published in 2001 by Joshua Rubinstein, PhD, Jeffrey Evans, PhD, and David Meyer, PhD. Young adults are challenged to solve sets of problems, such as math equations or naming objects, but having to switch between sets after a given amount of time. The trials began easy problem to solve but became more complex as more trials were conducted.…

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