Task 2: Explain Viewpoints On The Contemporary Geographic Issue

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TASK 2: Explain viewpoints on the contemporary geographic issue. 1.
Strongly for
Strongly against
A. Wayne Brown

Phil Heatley C. Huhana Seve

Catherine Delahunty
Winston Peters

2. Three individuals- a. Wayne Brown b. Winston Peters c. Huhana Seve A. Huhana Seve- Huhana Seve and the people of the Ngapuhi Iwi value not only their mineral assets but the land in which these minerals are buried beneath. Many land and waters which have been proposed to the public for exploration hold significant value to the Maori people because they are sacred sites which represent our ancestors achievements. In addition the iwi strongly value the cultural meaning behind the land and waters. Our ancestors fought many battles
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My proposed course of action to the Northland mining issue would be to hold a public forum. Strengths of holding a public forum consist of: 1. The ability to gather information and input from locals regarding the Crown's decision to mine metallic and nonmetallic resources in the Far North area. The second strength is that a public forum means asking people whether or not they’re happy with the Crown’s proposition. This means taking into account the perspectives of people who live within the region or have sentimental ties to the locations of the proposed surveying and eventual mining. Two weaknesses to my proposed solution are: 1. The fact that the forum is a long process. Which includes gathering people, considering advice given and then making a decision which will satisfy all parties. This results in the forum being long and drawn out. The second weakness can be that locals and people will have mixed emotions about the topic which stem from their own personal values. If their demands aren’t met they can possibly rally together a group of individuals who express the same morals and concerns then demand change through a public march or riot. In return this can cause problems for the New Zealand government, which they want to …show more content…
Overall holding a public forum would be the preferable solution other than my alternative courses of action because it is a settlement which includes everyone concerned and affected by the mining issue. A forum has the ability to allow locals to express their opinions, perspectives and thoughts on the mining issue. This means people of all “different ages, points of view, backgrounds and experiences can share information on the topic” and be heard out. A short term advantage of this is that people in the community will appreciate having their beliefs heard instead of ignored. In return the sharing of viewpoints can lessen the outraged responses to the end result, as there are bound to be individuals who aren’t pleased with the outcome. At least through the numerous meetings held the reason for the decision will be justified. The forum can also be considered the ideal choice because the public will be able to hold “high quality discussions” which will challenge the views of others and work to “offer a broad response to the topic at hand.” Since the forum is a long process it gives those attending plenty of time to rethink and regather their judgements as well as recognize where other people’s ideas stem from. This way attendees can become more knowledgeable on others interpretations of the mining issue. In the long run these lengthy meetings will be vital because it will lead to a well thought over decision being made by the Crown. One that considers not only the economic

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