Tartuffe And Blindness Analysis

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Nina Calderon
Professor Kenneth Jolicoeur
English 120
1 December 2016 Shepherd to the Lost

Religion. Christianity. A belief system of what an individual that dedicates their life to be a believer of a higher power. Religion is consistently confronted through unexplainable circumstances just as in the books Tartuffe and Blindness.Tartuffe, one who is portrayed to be as a disciple catches the attention of lost souls seeking for salvation even though his words may seem accurate it misleads his followers to a false religion. While in Blindness the Ophthalmologist wife displays characteristic as if she was ordained to be a prophet for the one’s who have gone astray. Throughout the stories Tartuffe and Blindness demonstrates
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She takes on the responsibility for the blind people, “you do not know, you cannot know, what it means to have eyes in a world in which everyone else is blind, I am not a queen, no, I am simply the one who was born to see this horror, you can feel it, I both feel and see it” (Saramago 276). This has a symbolic meaning as the epidemic of blindness spreads she has the ability to see the world and guide the blind internees in the right path. She gave them a sense of hope. The people trusted her opinion, She was very humble and not arrogant. Her characteristic was a representation of Jesus Christ and how she longed for them to see. As mention in the Bible when Jesus roams the earth spreading the good news of salvation. She genuinely wanted to be the light for the people that could not see. On the other hand, Tartuffe does not take any responsibility. His role throughout the story is to be a friend to Orgon and be the judge of what is worthy of being holy, “...my sister 's wedding, pleas. I think Tartuffe 's against it, and that he 's Been urging Father to withdraw his blessing”(1.3.3). The influence he has over Orgon leads him to the disapproval of the marriage of his own daughter where the son in law has no evidence of not being suitable for her. The negative influence Tartuffe had over Orgon by coming against his own family to please someone he just meet at church because in his eyes he is a

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