Targeting The Buyer Is More Important Than Targeted The End User

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This report presents a summary about the arguments discussed and exposed for two groups, in the debate realized during the Marketing Management class (28th August, 2014), for and against the preposition: “Targeting the buyer/purchaser is more important than targeting the end-user”. The content of this, include a critical point of view about the most significant aspects discussed by each team. And finally the writer’s opinion about the preposition made.

Positive Argument: “Targeting the buyer is more important than targeting the end user”

Firstly, the position (subject to debate) of those who argue that guiding marketing towards the buyer is more important. It is supported on the financial and economical aspects of buying process. According to the group argument,

This variable of segmentation concerns those individuals who have the real purchasing power. It is they who will select your product or service from the infinite possibilities offered by the market.

They also argue that, there may be existing conflict between the needs of purchaser and consumer and if the marketers target on end user, they might not make sales or build up relationship with costumers. Moreover, targeting purchasers allows marketers modifying the marketing strategies to attract their real target. It would help marketers and their company save their time and money. The positive argument conclude that is cheaper and more effective building a relationship with customers when they are in…

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