Target Marketing Can Raise Ethical Concerns Essay

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When the issue of target marketing arises comes up in health care, it is important to address the ethical or moral component that is an obvious concern of many practitioners.
Does deciding upon a target market imply denying care to those who need it? Some who take more literally the motto, "No patient in need being refused care," may think it does.
Specification of a target market, by itself, does not imply denying care. In reality, physicians have taken an oath to treat those who need their services.
The issue of specifying a target market speaks more to ensuring the efficient use of resources by a practice or a program to meet that need, whatever it may be.
Having a succinct marketing strategy forces the orthopedic group to decide
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Practices, of course, need to remember that advertising is not marketing.
But, when an orthopedic practice knows in great detail who its target market is and customizes its marketing programs accordingly, the partners can rest assured they are not wasting coverage nor are they committing any ethical errors.
An orthopedic group practice has decided to develop a pediatric sports medicine program. Describe at least three potential markets for this new service.
Obstacles to effective competitor analysis include:
▪ misjudging industry and service area boundaries,
▪ Poor identification of the competition,
▪ Overemphasis on competitors’ visible competence,
Normally service regions are in one geographical location. That has since changed over the years. Local markets are no longer the service area. Individuals are no lo longer relying on the local hospitals or physician offices. The internet has allowed patients to explore or locate other practices in other metropolitan areas, regions and even other states. This gives a competitive edge in the healthcare fields. Patent are no longer staying in the hospitals as ling. These individuals are being transfer to other health entities such as nursing
The Environment
Environmental factors positively or negatively impact the industry and the market growth potential of your product/service. Factors to consider include:
• Government actions - Government actions (current or under

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