Essay on Tara 's Point Of View

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In Desirable Daughters, Bharati Mukherjee uses the protagonist, Tara’s point of view, the flashbacks of her past specifically her childhood, and evocative diction in order to reveal how Tara and her sisters integrate their Bengali culture and Western culture which results in them defying the true ideals of a Bengali Society.
Throughout the novel we are provided with various pieces of information simply through Tara, the protagonist’s point of view. We as readers embark on this journey where Tara struggles with integrating the culture she was born into with the culture she’s currently living in. Tara highlights different cultures and situations that she and her sisters and ex-husband Bish are presented with. For example, in Indian culture especially Bengali culture love is a concept that’s is neither widely talked about nor expressed. Tara says, “Love” is a slippery word when there are so many meanings, Love to Bish, is the residue of providing for parents and family, contributing to good causes and community charities.” This is what Tara’s definition of love was before she integrated into a western culture and moved to the U.S. But after her divorce her outlook on things completely changed. Now to her “Love is having fun with someone, more fun with that person than with anyone else, over a longer haul”. This is completely against her upbringings which she admits to herself. Not only do we learn that she is defying her Bengali upbringings, but she is losing her sense of…

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