Tapping Into the World Halal Market: Some Discussions on Malaysian Laws and Standards

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Jurnal Syariah, Jil. 16, Keluaran Khas (2008) 603-616 Shariah Journal, Vol. 16, Special Edition (2008) 603-616 TAPPING INTO THE WORLD HALAL MARKET: SOME DISCUSSIONS ON MALAYSIAN LAWS AND STANDARDS Zalina Zakaria* ABSTRACT Recently, the HDC or Halal Development Corporation took over the administration of halal from JAKIM (Department of Islamic Development of Malaysia) to establish a specific body that is fully in charge of the halal administration. This appears to be one of the initiatives

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As Muslims constitute the largest population in Malaysia it has given them many advantages. However, being cheated concerning non-halal and halal, as in labelling non-halal as halal has raised the sensitivity of many Muslims in this country. It is not easy to investigate for oneself as many Muslims buy food that has already been packaged. Because of the difficulty in determining the halal status, Muslims depend on the responsible authority to check the status on their behalf. However, as the requirement for a halal certificate in Malaysia is voluntary with few being legally labelled as halal, there is a level of ambivalence. THE HALAL CONCEPT By definition, halal consists of anything that is free from any component that Muslims are prohibited from consuming. In this era of technology, the concept of halal can no longer be restricted to simply meaning food that is ‘pork free’ in its physical existence. It covers a multitude of forms such as emulsifiers and other food substances such as gelatine, enzymes, lecithin, and glycerine as well as additives such as stabilizers, flavouring, colouring, breadcrumbs etc. In recent developments in food technology, the one that has been given the most attention is genetically-modified food or GM food.3



Ahmad Hidayat Buang and Zalina Zakaria (2004), “Some Assessments on the Adequacy of Regulatory and Supervisory Framework”, A paper
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