Essay on Tap Water Vs. Bottled Water

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Research – STSE Tap Water vs. Bottled Water
Butler, F. (n.d.). Bottled Water VS Tap Water: An In-depth Comparison. Retrieved May 29, 2016, from
Water Quality Tap water/Bottle Water:
• Tap water’s quality is posses with unhealthy levels of lead. Around 13% of Torontonians are drinking water with excess amount of lead in it. This lead is supposedly to come from the aging pips either from the pipelines of the city itself or the pipes found in the owner’s property.
• Bottled water and tap water also have some traces of contaminants in it which does not pose threats, however it is not safe to be drinking these micro-organisms, disinfectants or organic chemicals that can be found.
• Bottled water packaging contains many dangers associated to the leached chemicals present in the plastic of bottle. Toxic materials have many extend on the human health, from dizziness to nausea to potentially death. Other chemicals found in the plastic is bisphenol, a chemical used in the making of toys and food supplies/containers. These chemicals cause negative impacts toward one’s health with the potential of affecting the brain, female reproductive system and even their immune system.
Pricing of Water:
• The price of bottled water is more expensive than gas at this point. With the prices of gas reaching the neighborhood of around $5.60 per gallon, bottled water on the other hand cost around $8 per…

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