Tanglin Polymers: Why Do You Think So Few Requests Were Received?

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Tanglin Polymers Case Study

Why do you think so few requests were received?
From a clear analysis of the case, it is evident that Tanglin Polymers was facing great managerial issues that affected the financial status of the company. In regards to the approval requests expected by Chan Kee Tong, it is clear that the plant managers were ignorant, as they did not treat the request email seriously. Ignorance in the management team is a great problem for most organizations that seek to enhance their procurement strategies. Through an analysis of the case study presented, it is evident that the increased ignorance has diminished the expected behavioral expectation within Tanglin Polymers in regards to upward and direct communication as well as fair treatment of fellow worker’s requests. Being a stepping-stone towards appropriate project management, communication has the ability to foster success or failure of the specific project in hand. However, ignorance towards the requests can sometimes be brought about by organizational and managerial faults. In the case of Tanglin Polymers, the main reason for ignorance and failure to send an approval request may be due to lack of a suitable feedback channel as well as failure to set an appropriate
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This is conveyed through the inability to instill team spirit and the shallow message present in the memo. With this, I would advise Mr. Chan maintain a good relationship as well as the highest level of integrity when dealing with all stakeholders in the future in order to develop an environment of respect, urgency, and appropriateness within the teams. With this, Chan Kee Tong should take responsibility as the leader of the project in hand. With this, He is expected to guide the managers through the project through ensuring that team cohesion, effective communication and interaction is

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