Talkshow Script Essay

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Host_Fajardo: Good morning every one welcome to pep talk show, today we will talk about the
“student’s issues and concerns in their campus“. Our guest students for today are from colegio de pater and Kamotetops University. Before we continue with our program! Let’s us pose for a while to hear from our sponsors.
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Host_Fajardo: Welcome back once again to our show! And friends let us welcome our guest for today we have Ms.Sam Aurillo, 17 years of old,2nd year student taking up bachelor of science in information technology from Colegio de pater. (musulod daun xa) and our second guest is from
Kamotetops university ,he is Mr.Rhaymond itanung, 20 years of age, (sulod daun xa), a graduating student taking up bachelor of
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And we learn that this student involve is not about to graduate because of her failing mark. What are your comments about this incident? Do you think this kind of situation is happening in you school?

Mr. Itanung: for 4 years, I don’t hear any incident involve a student that having an affair n our school but in other school, I think they have.
Host_Fajardo: To our Ched director, this kind of incident is not new to you. What are the actions you have taken for this kind of issues?
Director: Ched is already out of juries’ diction when it comes to giving disciplinary action against instructor and student having a relationship; it’s up to the scho ol of what they will going to do with them.
Host_Fajardo: we have heard to our Ched director, so students and teachers beware because there already by laws that Ched has made to protect the rights of the students. But all in all, it’s up to the student how he/she managed there studies that they will not sort out in this matter.
Before we continue, let us here from our sponsors.
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Host_Fajardo: I would like to inform to everyone especially to our students who are watching right now that our line is open for your questions or concerns with regards to your school.
Ringing phone
Host_Fajardo: oohh, we have a caller. Helloo.. May I know who’s in the line pls?
Caller: I am Harlene Moron a 3rd year student of colegio de pater, my concern mam is, up

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