Talk Show : Ellen Of The Show Essay

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Talk Show
Ellen: Our next guests are two amazing women who I believe have the potential to change the world. Please welcome our next guests, Minerva Mirabal and her sister Maria Teresa! [Enter sisters]. Hi! Welcome to the show!
Mate: Well thank you for having us here! I’ve been a huge fan of the show!
Ellen: So how’s life? (Directed towards Minerva) It’s been a while.
Minerva: Well, to be honest, pretty much everything has changed.
Ellen: What do you mean? Last time we talked we had discussed how you were dying to be enrolled into school.
Minerva: Yes, but you see, I had attended school and had made friends, especially with this one girl named Sinita, she had told me stories on how her family was taken and killed by Trujillo. Going from that, I had progressively became more and more involved with the resistance.
Ellen: Oh my, that is a huge change.
Minerva: It is! And that actually had the both of us put into prison.
Ellen: What! Wow! Minerva, I’m speechless right now. What were your thoughts at moment? What did you do in prison? How long where you there? Explain to me everything.
Minerva: Well for me, I was ravaged, and very angered. I had a millions thoughts and emotions going through my head but I was mostly angered, but the main thing streaming from my head was having Trujillo dead. That man, that demon, had thought he could end the Mirabal name by just throwing us into a penitentiary, but he was wrong. I mean, look at us now! We’re on the Ellen Show! For me, it was…

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