Tales of Two Cities: Kindergarten Crunch Hits Migrant Parents

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Tales of Two Cities:
Kindergarten Crunch hits Migrant Parents

Over the years, Liu Bo and his wife firmly believe that a happy life must a family of three people. Now he can still cherish his memory of the day when his baby girl was born. It was not long before this Hunan migrant family was full of confidence to start a new life in the metropolis of Guangzhou.

All of sudden, the problem came here.

Kindergarten crunch, a phenomenon happens in big Chinese cities where the scarcities of preschool places trigger record fees and has parents scrambling.

The crunch first happened in a few state-owned kindergartens, and then on to many more private kindergartens, now some cottage
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Two of them are relatively bigger: one is Chi Sha, the other one which was overcrowded is Hai Yan.

“We applied the Hai Yan Kindergarten in the beginning of July, but now it is October. Three months later no more can enroll or join a class,” he said.

Giving attention to both his business and finding a new school for Yangyang, Liu Bo spared no effort to find a kindergarten during the three months taken child home.

“Indeed the cottage nursery used to be a choice. But when a minibus came to take your child which usually foist into about 20 children, even the basic security those cottage nursery cannot guarantee, would you agree to send your child there?” he asked.

According to the Guangzhou education authorities, there have more than 1,500 multiform kindergartens in the 8 districts by the end of 2010, and the state owned one is less than 130 which just occupied 7.8%. Preschool education in Guangzhou now is dominated by private capital--- some are legal, but many more not.

Especially for the cottage nursery, since they usually establish and develop from local condition, charge low, provide targeted and flexible services and their location

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