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America and dehumanization
The text “Tales of Simple: Coffee break” is written by Langston Hughes in 1965. The text was written a couple of years after that the conflict between black and white Americans peaked. Simple and “I” are two black men, who in their coffee break, is talking about how Simple’s boss comes with racial statements. Simple is tired of the fact that black people always is seen as a unit, and not as individuals. Simple’s boss claims that Simple represents the Negros, as Martin Luther King, and other famous Afro-Americans do. Simple then interrupts him, where he says that one man represents himself. In addition, they also come by the fact that the white only integrates them self with the black to a certain point, where
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Even after years, all black people were thought to be the same, which in turn leads to many misunderstandings. Years of dehumanization had also strong influence on white people; therefore it was not easy for white people to see them suddenly as equals.
John F. Kennedy’s political agenda included more rights for black people. Many black people got work in high positions in his presidency time, which continued in the Johnson era as well. Liberalism, equality and freedom of speech was also getting more famous, as well as the American dream started to give a lot of poor Americans some hope and faith . “I have not got you in jail. Why boy, I like you. I am a liberal. I voted for Kennedy. And this time for Johnson. I believe in integration. Now that you got it, though, what more do you want?”. Many white people who had these ideas, actually gave black people same rights as any other man. But all these did not necessarily mean that both are equal. Black people felt that they are made to become like white people, equal, but they had to adapt to way of living like white people. “reintegration, I said” – Black people wanted to find a common ground where they wouldn’t have to become like a white man, but to find a way where both black man and white man reintegrate with each other. Respecting the individuality. Many white people felt that there was no need for them to reintegrate since the black people wanted whole integration. Here we can conclude

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