Essay on Talent Management

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Chapter 14 Brief Employee Performances
I choose to do this week’s brief on Using HRIS to observe Employee Performances. According to Human Resources Information System (Kavanagh, Thite, Johnson, 2012), an HRIS system should help in the process of Performance Management. This process should include performance planning, observing performance, and providing positive and corrective feedback, and developing periodic performance summaries. Companies use these performance reviews, and employees provide performance, and in exchange employers provide rewards, which are distributed via payroll systems. Should all feedback be positive, or negative? Should rewards be given for employee performance? Should companies get rid of
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Well then there are laws to singling out employees to fire based upon what the boss felt about there work ethics. How will they improve? How can the company benefit with them as employees? The questions I began to ask myself, after reading. This is my argument, to Mr. Culbert’s opinions. Reviews create incentives for employees not hardship.
His opinions are that the boss wants to discuss where performance needs to be improved, while the employees are focused on such small issues as compensation, job progression and career advancement. The boss is thinking about missed opportunities, skill limitations and relationships that could use enhancing, while the employee wants to put a best foot forward believing he or she is negotiating pay. All of this puts the participants at odds, talking past each other. At best, the discussion accomplishes nothing. More likely, it creates tensions that carry over to their everyday relationships (Culbert, 2012). My arguments; performance reviews adds value to the company. They offer rewards to employees. Compensation systems, such as like merit pay, base pay, short term incentives, long term incentives, perquisites, recognition rewards, attraction and retention rewards. Last performance rewards set up correctly using accurate data in an HRIS system, can save the company, HR management and the employee a lot of time paper and money. I don’t know where he worked at in the past, but they need a new system for

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