Talent Management Is The New Era Of Human Resource Planning Essay

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Talent management is a crucial part of aligning an organization 's goals and ensuring the right people and skill sets are acquired to achieve those goals. The strategies and tactics an organization uses to attract and retain talent play a pivotal role in the organizational culture and employee engagement. According to our textbook talent management is defined as a systematic, planned effort to attract, retain, develop, and motivate highly skilled employees and managers. (Fundamentals of HRM, Chapter 1) Talent management is imperative to ensure an organization can successfully acquire new talent and what extent employees are engaged to retain that talent. How effective a company address both talent management and employee engagement is critical in determining the survival of an organization and employee retention. According to research, there is no pure or concise definition of talent management, academically or professionally. Talent management is the new era of human resource planning and a way to encourage managers and employees to be actively involved. Mortan and Ashton propose talent management is a combination of different initiatives into a coherent framework. They use five keywords as the crucial components of talent management. First, ethos which embeds values and behavior and the feeling that everyone has the potential to develop. Second, the focus to know what jobs make a difference and making sure the right people are in those jobs. This leads to positioning,…

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