Talent Management in Renewable Energy Essay

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Introduction 3
1. Task- 1 3

1.1- Talent Management 3

1.1.1Potential Talent Management Strategies 3
1.1.2. Shared goal 3
1.1.3. Keep it balanced 4
1.1.4. Choose the right people 4
1.1.5. Demographic plan 4
1.1.6. Develop a brand campaign 4
1.1.7. Relationships with colleges and universities 4
1.1.8. Employee referral program 5
1.1.9. Quicken up the process 5
1.1.10. Seek into unusual sources 5
1.2. Potential recruitment strategies 5
1.2.1. Retention Policies 5

1.2.2. Safety and Quality 6

1.2.3. Aggressive growth plans 6

2. Task- 2 6

2.1. Potential steps to
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1.1.9. Quicken up the process
Some companies take months to make a hire decision. A logical time frame should be formed that does not take too long to make applicants hopeless or so quick that they may become suspicious about company’s intention.
1.1.10. Seek into unusual sources
Looking beyond the traditional approach may help the recruitment process in renewable energy sector in UK. A skill contest to attract talent that normally may not have approached, i.e. a failed start-up or new highly trained immigrants who might even be less expensive. Along with traditional career fairs other types of business events where candidates can be engage with on a different level.

1.2. Potential recruitment strategies

Recruitment has always been one of the most challenging HR or human resources functions, regardless of the type. When it comes to a specialty such as renewable energy recruitment the obstacles are no less. The main concern is how to attract fresh talent. There are many reasons behind this, firstly the fact that energy sector has increased dramatically around the world. And particularly in UK number of students studying engineering has reduced. These factors have reduced the number of trained personnel available for the job in UK. Furthermore, the fact that the earlier generation is gradually approaching their retirement and there is not enough young talent in number or in experience to fill the

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