Essay on Talent And Amount Of Creativity

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Over one-hundred and eleven million people watched the Seattle Sea-hawks take on the Denver Broncos during the two thousand and fourteen super bowl. Every year the Super Bowl is the most-watched program on television. Many of the people watching over see the talent and amount of creativity involved in the coaching, commercials, and halftime show. Creativity and coaching often go hand in hand. Coaches possess a different set of skills for their area of work than most other people who work in society. Coaches skills vary from discipline, patience, and the most important creativity. Being creative during an interview and in the job could be the difference between having a job or not. If a person can present their résumé in a creative form then they will stand out among the competition. Also having a history of being a creative coach can help one get a job. If a coach is creative in their job they will stick out on and off the field. Coaches can be creative in many ways. Being creative in the film room and thinking of ways to expose and take advantage of the defense can give a team an advantage over the competition. Seeing the little details about a team, their field, or their fans could expose ways to take advantage of the competition. Creativity on the field is completely different from “pre-preparation” creativity. On the field a coach has to be thinking ahead of the other team. Coaching football is like a chess game, always anticipating and thinking ahead of the opponent.…

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