Tale Of A Sprinter In The Holocaust Analysis

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Certain events in our lives are brought up to make us grow and become stronger from them. They may be the worst thing that could possibly happen but in the end it all makes it worthwhile because we learn what we did wrong and how not to let it happen again. The holocaust was one of these situations. I believe that as a whole, meaning the whole world, that we learned from this event and have grown and know how to prevent it from happening again and better yet, stopping it if it ever does happen again. I once read this poem called “Tale of a Sprinter in the Winter of 1938” it was about a man who was from berlin and was as fast as lightening, he could have been in the Olympics one day but his dreams were shot down because he was a Jew. Not unlike …show more content…
The man used to have so much hope and joy in his life of being the fastest and making it to the Olympics when he was younger. Now his life is filled with hopelessness and he sits and reflects on his life, believing that he won’t make it till the next day. Living in these concentration camps would suck all hope from your life. Many of them were located out in the middle of nowhere which gave the prisoners the idea that they could not run to get away. Many of the Jews were also put in places known as the “Ghetto”. The ghettos were mainly there to isolate the Jews from the rest. There were three types of ghettos; open ghettos, closed ghettos, and destruction ghettos. Once the “Final Solution” came near the ghettos began to be destroyed. The Jews were sent to killing centers and a select lucky few were sent to labor camps, the rest of them were basically forced to dig their own grave and then mass shooting would occur killing the Jews in the grave that they dug. In these ghettos the Jews had a lot more freedom to go about and do as they please and even hold organizations. Some of the Jewish leaders in these camps felt it wise to fight back. So many of the leaders organized ways to attack the guards. Which many of these cases proved to be unsuccessful and resulted in many deaths mainly on the Jews side. They were stripped of their clothes and give a number instead of a name because a name could give them hope of living or leaving. The man also speaks of how he is fast but his problem is that he is a Jew. Most people would just run away. Well the Jews did not have much of a warning that they were going to be captured and forced to work so there was no time for running for them. Besides it’s almost near impossible to run from a holocaust with a short

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