Talcott Parsons's Conception Of Shared Values

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Each human, at some stage of his or her life, experience a moment of consciousness, whereby we suddenly question ourselves, where we get our particular attitude towards a particular situation, where does this habit and our expectations, that we have absorbed come from? These assumptions and rules of behaviour that we are usually not conscious of are called norms. The interpretation of another issue that this essay will contain will be values. A conception which give us a feeling of righteousness ,what is recognised as good or bad , desirable and morally good. The theorist Talcott Parsons, whose concept of shared values refers to a consensus of morals, principles and standards of behaviour. Examples might include: love, health material comfort and life success. These would certainly vary from one person to another, following the diversity between the cultures.

Does it necessarily mean that we owe the personality and who we are today, to someone else? It is said that “Learning plays an essential part in creating social beings” and I certainly agree. However, who are the social groups, that we always closely observed and listened to, in order to obtain the
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We observe so, by attempts in breaking these norms. If we do so, what can we expect ? One can assume , that we would more likely be simply be put in the ‘different’ category, depending on the norm , and considered as the ‘odd one’ . This may lead to fears such as isolation from others, and difficulty of finding our own, social group. Therefore, we allow ourselves to observe why us, humans, just usually decide to undertake this ‘ easy’ option and follow these norms like others and we may even consider ourselves , as the prisoners of these norms . It’s very interesting to point out, how we become social beings, almost without noticing it. Moreover, we can admit that a human is unable to ameliorate visible ideas of who he or she is , without some ‘level of social

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