Talbert House Ethical Dilemmas

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Many people have their own opinion about many things, but when dealing with people in the criminal justice field Talbert House believe that one shouldn’t be opinionated. When receiving new clients you’re unsure of what they did and why but its not your businesses to find out. As employees of Talbert House the only duty is to help offenders who has been incarcerated transition into the community without recidivism. You should never allow client to test you’re boundaries. Meaning never allow clients to take you out of character were it ends up making you upset because then you’re violating ethical polices. Ethical value that will help individuals from violating ethical dilemmas would be to check with your supervisor if you’re unsure. Not only will it save you from a lot of issues you’ll be educated about what’s okay and what’s not okay. If you’re a new employee but coming in you notice that your ex-boyfriend s a client at the same location you’re working at let your supervisor know so that he/she is aware of it. The main focus is to save yourself because there shouldn’t be any …show more content…
I believe that all colleges should recommend the experience for students because you cant prepare yourself for a particular career until you had the experience. Overall my performance was greatly appreciated because when there were days when employees called off I was willing to pick up the slack. In the beginning my number one goal was completing the hours for the class. I also had the state of mind of not caring about what it is I was going to do to complete my field experience. Then I soon figured out that my only focus for the Criminal Justice field is to help offenders back into the community so Talbert House was my best bet. After the first week I enjoyed what I did it was no longer about the time because that went fast but, more so about learning about things of the company and building great

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