Essay on Taking a Community Sociological Inventory

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Taking a Community Sociological Inventory
Pinkey Oliver
Northcentral University

Trends and Current Conditions
The Dearborn community has experienced a transformation in population of the last ten years. This transformation can be due to a number of issues, but it begins with the surrounding cities not just the city of Dearborn. Examining the current trends and conditions of the Dearborn community, it is important to focus on the population and how it is broken down. There are 96,474 people that live in Dearborn, MI and 89.1% are white. Arab Americans fall under white Americans which are not stated on any census. It is very difficult analyze sociological demographics when it is not
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As a result, much of the U.S. census research on the socioeconomic accomplishment has centered around trying to understand the instruments through which socioeconomic dissimilarities among the community based on their income, educational achievement, household structure, age distributions, gender, and age.
The trends in socioeconomic accomplishment disparity over an extensive period of time have to base on true ethnic breakdown. It is unknown what the socioeconomic disparity is between white and Arab Americans and what it was ten years ago or even twenty years ago. This is in difference to what the U.S. census knows about the trends in racial-accomplishment disparities, particularly the Arab-white disparity, which has not received significant academic and policy awareness. Trends in socioeconomic accomplishment disparities between individuals from high and low income household or between individuals from household with high or low educational accomplishments have gotten even less attention.
Discussion and Recommendations
The difference in accomplishments between individuals from low and high income households can be measured by the differences in the household’s average reading and math skills among the kids

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